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“Truly Incredible Range of Economical eBikes”

Why Choose Dynamo eBikes?

Rule the streets with smart and elegant Dynamo eBikes. As a perfect blend of energy efficiency and stylish looks, our ebikes not only deliver outstanding performance but also become an amazing expansion of your persona. Choosing Dynamo eBikes bestows you with a number of remarkable benefits along with the prominent ones as mentioned below.

Cruise Control

Have to go long distances? No worries. Our scooters offer you the feature to go miles at a constant speed with the press of a button. So, give your wrists a break from the twisting accelerator and cruise along the roads with ease.

Reverse Gear

Reverse Gear? In a scooter? You read it right. Get the reverse gear feature with Dynamo’s scooters and save your legs the unnecessary exercise. Yes, it's that convenient.

Storage Space

Mom asked you to get groceries? Now “stuff all that stuff” in Dynamo’s spacious boot. Laddled with front storage pockets to store your mobile phone, wallets etc, our scooters allow you to ride without the constant fear of your phone flying out of your pockets.

USB charging port

Phone’s battery drained but home is still 10 kms away? Why worry? Get a USB charging port in the front pockets of our scooters and never fret about your phone’s battery ever again.

Disc Brakes

We know that you are exhausted from the squeaking and creaking of the regular brakes. That’s why we've introduced disc brakes in our scooters which add to your safety and comfort and well, let’s confess, they do look stylish, don't they?

Anti- theft System

Still have a hard time sleeping? Worrying about leaving your beloved ride out at night? Dynamo’s anti-theft system will help you sleep (well, in a way). Your scooter will make a loud, terrifying sound if someone tries to even lay a hand on it. Loud enough to wake the dead.



Thanks to the assistance provided by a state-of-the-art electric motor and highly compatible long lasting battery, you can now go further, faster and enjoy every ride with our RX2 electric scooters.

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Our RX4 electric scooters bikes are designed to be sleek and packed with incredible features meaning that your rides are going to be significantly easier and leave you more time for fun.

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